Learn to swim Gold Coast - Learn to swim safely and correctly

Learn To Swim & Stroke Correction

Learn To Swim

Adults with an underlying fear of the water believe there is no way that they can learn to swim. The truth is they can swim and it is easy.

A careful step by step learn to swim programme will turn even the most fearful participant into a person who will be confident in the water and able to enjoy swimming and all its benefits.

Stroke Correction


There are many adults who can swim, but never having had a formal lesson are missing out on the true benefits of swimming.DCIM113GOPRO

Swim faster, further and better with simple and easy stroke correction – get the most from your stroke with some basic tweaking to be the best swimmer you can be.

Correct breathing techniques and more efficient stroke mechanics will improve their swimming and the health benefits that come with it.

Adults Fitness Squads

Squad training is an enjoyable and beneficial activity made more pleasurable because of the social interaction in a group of like-minded people.

Structured programmes that incorporate warm up, stroke drills, various workouts designed to improve cardio-vascular activity and cool down drills, are all part of an exercise regime that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Motivational encouragement and stroke correction by the coach will ensure that levels of efficiency never thought possible can be attained.

Group squads and private lessons are available for all ages.

To enrol today simply call our friendly staff on 07 5539 0531 or use the contact page.